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Achieving results requires many things and, above all, effective leadership. We understand that achieving results requires not only knowledge and skills, but above all effective leadership. We believe in a holistic approach to leadership, where personal, coaching and adaptive leadership go hand in hand. We go further than advice and training. We would like to be co-responsible for the end result. Our commitment goes so far that we leave our advisory or trainer role behind and temporarily become fully absorbed in your organization.

How do we work?

We offer three types of leadership services, all characterized by a temporary, termination-oriented character. Result contracts are negotiable, because we believe that success should be measurable. 

At Noviter we don't just step in; we walk side by side with you towards a leadership model that transforms your organization and makes a lasting positive difference.

Program Management

In this role we fulfil the integral change leadership position to realize results in one of the three areas of change also discussed on this website: Strategy Execution, Performance Improvement or Change Power.

Turn around & Interim Management

In special circumstances we can temporarily take over a line or staff responsibility in the organisation. Realizing a specific change or improvement is part of the assignment. The position carries the full mandate to act as required to attain the agreed upon results. These are typically director roles, reporting to C-level officers. We can make a difference in the  “client and operational domains” of the organisation.

Change & Improvement Coaching

“It takes one to know one”. This third leadership service is different from the first two. From experience we have learned how to coach leaders in the field of change. What sets us apart from traditional coaching, is that we focus on the result first and then translate that into what is required of the leader. We have 2 approaches:

  1. Structured coaching: in this method we discuss the leaders case using 10 different angles of approach from our view on change3 and adaptivity.
  2. Emergent coaching: this method uses a special form of dialogue (from the U-Process) to gain new insight.

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