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In the dynamic landscape of continuous improvement, the learning organization, Lean (start-up), Six Sigma, or Agile, "Adaptivity" is the indispensable strategic umbrella. Embracing agility in an integral way enables your organization to instinctively anticipate and learn as a person, team and organization.

Change is the only constant and adaptivity is the essential key to embracing this dynamic. Whether you are involved in Lean methodologies, Six Sigma, or Agile practices, the ability to be adaptive provides an overarching framework that guides your organization's strategic direction.

How do we work?

We have developed four training courses for four different target groups. Each training covers the 5 skills and 10 success factors under the core quality of adaptivity. The aspects of people, customers, goals, processes, management and leadership are central in a practical manner. The program is interactive with a mix of wonder, thinking and doing. By connecting to current cases and individual learning needs, the training is also adaptive in itself.

Inspired to adapt

This 2 hour inspirational session is for professionals (such as Lean/Agile coaches, organisation and change experts from HR, business consultants, information management and (senior) managers). After an introduction on Adaptivity, a dialogue is moderated on the possible application within your organisation.

Adaptive by design

This 3 hour workshop is designed for senior management and executives. The Adaptivity Framework is used to analyze the current organisational performance and improvement potential. The result is strategic insight into the adaptive capabilities your organisation would need to develop or secure.

    Adapt to win

    This is a masterclass for professionals (such as Lean/Agile coaches, organisation and change experts from HR, Business Consultancy, Informatiemanagement, Project Management).

    Over the course of 3 days you will be trained to apply the complete Adaptivity Framework on yourself, your team(s) or cross functional process. Furthermore you will learn to analyse your organisation and create initiatives to improve adaptive power. The masterclass has room for 10 people. Feel free to contact us if you are interested. We can also offer in-company trainings.

    Adaptive change

    We all know that a plan is never executed the way it was envisioned. On day 2 the team needs to adjust to changing circumstance. Seeing a change through and finding a way to achieve the goals despite setbacks, uncertainty and disappointments, requires an adaptive mind-set. There is no better moment that at the beginning of an important change event, organisational renewal or strategic program to invest in the adaptive quality of the formal and informal leaders. This is a bespoke in company training, aimed at several key people in the organisation on which the success of a large change depends. These people are typically middle managers, department experts, project managers and improvement coaches. Key people who can make a difference. In this 1-3 day training, the adaptive quality is honed to a specific organisational case to make sure results will be delivered, no matter what.

    Theory and background trainings

    Our adaptive ability has played a major role in who we have become and where we stand today: as an individual, as a team and as an organisation. Often subconsciously. What if you could further develop this quality and purposefully direct it at your future?

    We created a comprehensive model that can address this question. It is based on our research, findings and experience in this relatively young field of management and organisational theory. We see Adaptivity as a core quality individuals, teams and organisations can learn and develop. Our model consists of 5 competences that each depend on 2 success factors. These 10 success factors in total, are carefully selected, widely celebrated and academically researched theories and methodologies. We have been inspired by the academic areas of Evolution, Physics, Management and Psychology.

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