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Performance improvement

Fostering organisational vitality is managements' quintessential responsibility. It’s all about customer friendly, efficient, effective and productive processes run by happy employees. So when one of these factors comes under pressure or needs to grow to the next level, an expert approach is required.

A couple of questions come to mind in the first phase:

  • Wat exactly is the problem and root cause?
  • Who will take ownership to improve?
  • How will we approach this?
  • What can Lean, Six Sigma or Agile offer us?
  • Which team is best suited for the job?

How do we work?

The foundation of Noviter’s expertise is ‘good old’ process analyses with Redesign, Lean and Six Sigma methodology. Leaning on 20 years of experience we are able to guide executives rapidly through the pitfalls and must-do’s of 4 specific performance improvement areas:

1. Improving customer focus and customer satisfaction

What is the voice of your customer? What value do you want to add along the customer’s journey? Answers to these questions help create a basic understanding of your clients’ needs. A bit more complicated it becomes when larger groups of your professionals are listening to the customers. Who decides on the interpretation when it comes to the more complicated, professional services (i.e. engineering, investment or outsourcing services)? How does a cross functional team consistently translate customer needs into valuable offerings?Finally, how do we know if we are on the right track when it comes to satisfying clients, especially in a Business-to-Business environment? Just a few of the managerial questions we enjoy answering collaboratively.

2. Improving process quality and lead times

Key Performance Indicators such as “through put time”, “% first time right” and “variability” offer a first understanding of performance. Now it’s time to dig deeper. Understanding root causes, creating process flow and eliminating waste are a small selection of the many ways your process performance can be optimized. What makes Noviter different from all the others, is that we will look for an adaptive solution. Improvements in aspects like People, Systems, Management and Culture will be part of the approach ensuring that adjustments can be made swiftly by the team when it’s time to respond once again to changes in the environment.

3. Lowering costs

Making processes leaner is one thing. Cutting costs on an organisational scale is another. In that case, larger cost-cutting programs are necessary to generate ideas, coordinate initiatives and objectify financial gains. These programs are delicate from a human perspective and require strategic attention and facilitation. We offer the integrative change leadership needed in these challenges. For example: creating close collaboration between Management, Finance, HR, Communication and Strategy is one of the orchestrative responsibilities often forgotten.

4. Improving productivity and generating more value

Optimizing “Value added” is perhaps the most complete way of improving. Everything comes together and a broad view on the supply chain is required. Cross functional process thinking, starting from the customer and ending with the customer, lies at the heart of our approach. Creating agility, quick response and product renewal throughout the organisation and installing Bizz-Dev-Opps solutions are considered and implemented in a balanced way. By balanced we mean: the method is a but a tool. Your business performance is the goal.

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